Continuous Writing/Long Essay for WAEC,NECO,GCE

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Continuous Writing/Long Essay for WAEC,NECO,GCE

Continuous writing is all encompassing; It is very broad, broader than most students imagine.  Very many students refer to it as essay writing. It is therefore very imperative that we take some time to make clear what continuous writing really is. A good understanding of the continuous writing will go a long way to enhance students’ performance.

Many students refer to continuous writing as essay writing. No, this not exacly so. Essay writing is just one of the topics under Continuous Writing. Essay writing is just one aspect of continuous writing. So when you say “essay writing” you are referring to a specific topic under continuous writing or Long Essay.

The following are the topics under Continuous Writing which I’m going to emphasize.

  • Letter writing
  • essay writing
  • article writing
  • speech writing
  • creative writing
  • report writing

These topics are relevant to exam bodies such as WAEC/NECO/GEC and are by implication compulsory for candidates.

Letter writing

This has two broad segments: the formal letter and the informal letter.

 Essay writing:

Under the essay we shall look at four types of essay, namely:

  • narrative essay
  • descriptive essay
  • argumentative essay
  • expository essay

Article writing

This will also be discussed emphatically as it is a very sensitive topic. This is not to say that it is difficult. In fact article writing is the easiest to write if you know how to go about it. Speech writing will not be left out.

creative writing

When it comes to creative writing, there is the need to clear a long standing confusion. Most student regard creative writing as narrative essay. There is a clear different. Creative writing is merely telling stories. An example is: Tell a story that illustrates the saying “the patent dog eats the fattest bone.”  Or tell a story that ends with the words “if i had known…………”.

In my next article, I’m going to discuss letter writing. I have discussed some article relevant to WAEC/NEC/GEC exams but for the sake of emphasis, here is a recap.

Summary writing:  This is one of the topics that students find very difficult, yet it carries a whole lot of 30 marks. I have discussed how you can easily clear the whole marks under summary.

English adjective clauses- You can read it here. Also check out Noun clauses and grammatical function as well as waec/neco/gce comprehension

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