Free Arbitrage Course to Supercharge Your Online Income

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In this course I’m going to discuss a  simple strategy to earn you extra $1,000 or more online. The method is called Sub Contractor Arbitrage.  Pay close attention because this is an expensive information that not many people will be willing to give for free.

Here, we need to explain some key words such as and then answer some questions as it relates to the topic.

  • Arbitrage
  • Subcontractor Arbitrage
  • Is it ethical?

What is Arbitrage?

The term Arbitrage has been misrepresented in the internet marketing arena. It has been given a bad name as though it represents junk products. But the truth is it isn’t bad as people make it seem. It isn’t a skim  neither is it outdated or a scam. When you understand what is stands for, and what you can you can use it for, you’ll know it’s not bad as people make it seem. So what then does the term really mean and how can you make the most of it? 

Arbitrage defined:

The Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary defines it as “ the practice of buying something (for example, shares or foreign money) in one place and selling it in another place where the price is higher.”

Investopedia,com defines it asThe simultaneous purchase and sale of an asset in order to profit from a difference in the price.”

Now that you’ve read the meaning, what’s going on in your mind? What comes to your mind when you think of the term Arbitrage?  Trading, isn’t it? Yes, Arbitrage business it trading. That means you buy services low and sell for higher price and keep the profit. Now tell me, what’s wrong with it? what’s wrong with trading services?

What is Sub-Contractor Arbitrage?

It is the method of finding some one who is in need of certain services which might include SEO, copy writing, social media marketing, back links, article writing, etc and then find someone that will do the work. You don’t have to be the one practically doing the work, you just have to know how to connect and find people that need help. Then resell the service at an agreed price and keep the profit.

What I’m practically saying here is that you buy services from someone else and sell their services to the business that is in need of help for a slightly higher price. In other words, you are private labeling the services of someone else and profiting. You know that private label right gives you the right to sell the services as if they were your own. You are basically a middle man between people in need of services and people that can do the work. This method can be used to make money both online and offline. We will discuss that in a later post.

How ethical is Sub Contractor Arbitrage?

Do you think it’s unethical? If that is your thought consider this: Any business that has an employee is technically using Sub Contractor Arbitrage. They get business from someone else and pay you a certain price to do the job and so they profit from it. And while you are working, you probably don’t know that they are not the direct owners of the business or you may know. The point here is resell the service to you. Every business does that. The employees are doing services for the company that make the company profit. 

It is done on every field of business be it medical, electric companies, satellite TV services, plumbing companies, to name only a few. So everybody profits from reselling services to their clients. 

Let us analyse it in the light of online business. Even google does it. Google gets ads from advertisers and pays you for a space on your website to place the ad, what it calls ad sense. They practically pay you part of the money the advertisers have paid. Technically, they resell the  ad service to you and keep the profit.

Many hosting companies that we patronize do resell services. They don’t own the server that hosts your website. They buy the hosting service and resell it to you as if it were their own. They’ve got resell right or private label right to the service. That is what we refer to as resell hosting. Like google and the other examples listed above, the hosing company is a Sub Contractor Arbitrage

Now you see, Arbitrage is a completely legal and ethical business. It simply mean trading of services. Now that you you what it means, consider using the sub arbitrage system to make money for your self. As part of this free course on Arbitrage system, we will discuss how you can supercharge you online income with sub arbitrage system.



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