How to Make Your Ebook Exciting and Interesting

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How to Make Your eBook Exciting and Interesting


How can you make your eBook exciting and interesting?

There are millions of eBook out there in the market already even before you decided to create yours. So how can you make yours stand out so that you draw attention and compete favorably with other good writers?

When creating your eBook, it’s important that you approach it with the right attitude. A lot of marketers, business owners and writers will think of an eBook as an opportunity to make something cheaply and easily that they can sell. This is a tried and tested formula and all they have to do to make it sell well, is just to emulate that method.

This is why there are so many eBooks on the market with titles like ‘Making Money Online Made Easy’ and ‘Muscle Building Mastery’. And it’s why so many of these titles are also… well rubbish.

If I had to describe these titles in one word, it would be ‘generic’. Sure, they might sell a few copies, but ultimately you’re competing with thousands of other similar titles and you’ve done nothing to make yourself stand out.

What’s more, is that your book itself is not going to be contributing anything new to the market. Unless you happen to be the world’s leading authority on building muscle or making money (which I’m willing to bet you aren’t), then creating a ‘complete guide’ is simply going to mean retreading old ground without providing anything new.

Offer something different

How about offering something different? How about approaching your book with the intention of creating something you’re proud of? And what about writing because you have something to say? Pick a specific niche and in that niche pick a topic you are really good at and passionate about to explore. And at the same time make sure your readers are hungry for that information. Don’t spin other’s work and bring to the market because it’s most likely millions would have read it already and even if they buy it, would regret it later. The greatest harm is that they wouldn’t want to buy your book next time.

Dare to be Different

The problem is that a lot of marketers think the only way they can sell books is to use the same kinds of titles that everyone else does. They don’t think to branch out by offering something that only they can offer.

The reality though is that the market out there is getting savvy to all these ‘make money’ books and is looking for something a little different.

Does that mean that you can’t write about making money online? Of course not! It just means you need to write about it differently and you need to have something interesting to say on the matter.

This might mean writing about how to leave your job by gradually transitioning to online work using a method that worked for you. Or maybe it means writing about how to get your new lifestyle just right once you’ve adapted to your working online.

Make sure that you convey this in the title and the description and you’ll find that your book gets more attention out of curiosity alone!



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