How to sell your eBook and make lots of profit

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How to sell your eBook and make lots of profit

You probably had a tough time getting started with your eBook; you spent days just thinking how to begin your first sentence. And you came off it and produced an amazing book. But in case you intend writing an eBook but still can’t overcome writer’s block, you might consider reading my article:


How to beat writer’s block and complete your eBook

You struggled through the editing process and then formatting so that it looks as beautiful as possible. Now your eBook is so exciting and you equally excited about your achievement. You’re sure it will sell well and can’t wait to bring it to the market to satisfy the demands of your customers and at the same time reap the fruit of your labour. So what next?

Yes, eBook is one of those that allows you to sell a product that has zero overheads and that is entirely profit margin. In other words, you can sell an ebook without having to worry about printing costs, delivery or anything else. There is no ‘COGS’ (Cost of Goods Sold) and as such, you can stand to earn a lot more with absolutely zero risk involved.

This also means that you can be more flexible in the ways that you go about publishing and selling your book. It means you can sell this product multiple times over and generate pure profit each time. But you need a place where you can sell it.  Now where can you sell your eBooks? On your site? Should you look for other places or both?  Let’s begin to take a look at where you can sell your eBooks.

Your site/blog

Yes, consider your site as the first market place for you eBook. You need to create a powerful sales page that persuades and converts readers to buyers. You need a buy button and payment processing system. So you will have to decide on a payment system to use.

One reason you should consider selling on your site is that the profit you make is all yours. Does it mean you can’t sell your eBook if you don’t have a site? Hell no! Let’s look at other platforms to sell.  If you don’t have a website, consider any or all of the alternatives below. And if you have one, you can sell on these sites in addition to your own site for maximum profit.


One of the best ways to profit from an eBook is to sell it on Kindle. This opens you up to a massive audience and provides you with an easy route to market and distribution platform that people already trust.

The downside is that you’ll be forced to share your profits with Amazon (35% or 70% depending on what you choose) which means you can risk cannibalizing your own sales). In other words, you need to make sure that people don’t buy from Kindle instead of buying from you and that might mean pricing your Kindle product very high. Either way though, it certainly doesn’t hurt to have this option seeing as it’s free!

There are many other examples of alternative distribution platforms too – such as Google Play Books and Nook.


Lulu is one example of POD – Print On Demand. This is a type of publisher that only prints copies of your books when someone orders them. That in turn means there’s no need to order a huge number of books and hope that they sell – you only pay a small fee rather than there being an upfront investment that carries risk with it.

Essentially then, Lulu allows you to create a physical copy of your eBook which will appeal to lots of people who wouldn’t normally buy eBooks! This is also just something that will be useful for marketing your book and will look good in videos!


Why not go it alone and just sell your book on eBay? You can do this with a hard copy or physical copy and if you name your book well, you’d be surprised how many orders you get!



JVzoo is a good option. It allows you to manage your products, create an affiliate program for your products and also they handle the delivery of your products. However, they run fees and charges for every transaction made. So bear in mind the Paypal charges and all the rest.


clickbankClickbank is a a popular digital market place and a good solution for information products. Like in Jvzoo, you can manage your products inside the member area or vendor area. You can manage your prices, your up sales, your sales funnels and much more. Bear in mind that how much you are willing to pay your affiliates has a bearing on your sales. Since clickbank pays their affiliate high, no one will be willing to sell for you if your affiliate fee is lower than those of your competitors.



Their service is a bit more of premium. There in Samcart you can sell both digital and physical products. Your digital products are delivered automatically at payment. But they charge a monthly fee of $199. It’s cheaper when you pay annually. I haven’t used this service before but being a premium service they wouldn’t want to give you anything less than the best since the wouldn’t want to lose you. I should say they are under obligation to make sure you sell.

Other alternatives are:

Disclaimer: I have not used the services of the last four neither am I their affiliate. I’m only sharing information.

In addition to the above, facebook has recently added a shop to its features. If you already have a facebook page, just create a shop on your page. It’s easy. The image below shows how to add your products on facebook to create a shop. With these alternatives you are sure to sell your eBooks and make a lot of profit.product-title-and-description

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