Online Business Strategy to Earn Six Figure Income

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In this post, I’m going to discuss some online business strategies that can earn you six figure income. In my last post, . I talked about Sub Contractor Arbitrage and promised to show you how you can use this system to make money. That is what I’m about to explain here, so just read on.

What are the examples of subcontractor arbitrage jobs you can do to improve your income. In my last post I did mention examples. One of the examples I mentioned was Article writing. Now lets look at it critically.

Example 1 Subcontractor Arbitrage

Let’s say a business is looking for someone to write 10 articles for them. They are willing to pay $10 per article. Some business owners may even be willing to pay as much as $50.  You can contact them and say your team can create articles for them for $9. Why $9 dollar? . Coming a bit lower will show your willingness to do the job. But of course not too low so you can make profit.

You post a project on a freelancing website saying you are in need of someone to write articles and your budget is $5 each. You request samples of their work and also testimonies and higher a quality person.  The client pays you $9 x 10 = $90 dollar. You make $4 profit on each X 10 = $40. You are just the middle man connecting the two people, the business man and the article writers. That’s how sub contractor arbitrage works.

Sub contractor Arbitrage example two

A business is looking for someone to write and submit a press release for them. Their budget is $300. So you contact them ans say your team can write and submit a press release for them for $250. You will look more appealing this way.

Again you post a project on freelancing websites saying you are in need of some one to write a press release and submit it and your budget is $100. You look at the examples again and higher another quality person to do this job. The client pays you the $250 dollar for the work. You pay the subcontractors their $1oo. You just made $15o profit in your pocket.

Sub Contractor Arbitrage example 3

A business is looking for someone to set up a custom WordPress blog for them. Their budget is $500. You contact them and say your team can create a custom WordPress blog for only $400.

You post a project on a freelancing site and say you are in need of someone to set up a custom word press blog and your budget is $200. Again, look at the examples, read the testimonials and higher a quality person for the job. The client pays $400 for the work. You pay the subcontractor $200 and keep $200.

How to find clients offline

There are two sources where you can find client. Offline and online. We’re going to discuss offline first.

This involves consulting companies like ad agencies, public relation firms, companies like this do a lot with web work or web development or web marketing. They might need help getting things done. These agencies may post their project on classifieds like: packpage or online forums If you find them on classifieds  you can contact them by phone or email and tell them you can handle their project.  This is what makes it offline.Then send them your offer.  If accepted go to freelance sights and post that you need people to do the job, state your budget and hire someone.

How to find clients online

Browse jobs on freelance sites like:


Approaching the Client

It is very common for consulting firms to post their jobs on freelancing sites like the ones mentioned above. Let’s say you find one on  Bid on the one time project,  be convincing at letting them know you can handle their work at a slightly lower price than their budget. submit your bids, then go to seoclerck, for, example and  find someone who is capable of doing the work, then approach them with your offer. As already mentioned if you find  them on classifieds, contact them by phone or mail.  Again, the key thing is just find people that need the work and connect them with people that can do the work.


Most clients want testimonials or samples of the work before they consider hiring you. Simply get testimonial samples from your sun contractor and pass those along and say these are testimonials from my team. Since the subcontractor is part of your team this is completely ethical. Find out the client’s budget and offer them less than their budget. Ensure of course that you are making profit because that’s the whole point of doing all these work.

To rap it up, take action and start looking for clients that you want to target. Remember the target of this post is to teach you a technique for making six figure with this method.  The key thing is just to take action to look for clients that you want to target.  To do this, browse freelancing sites, classifieds sites and call on ad agencies and consulting firms. Find out their needs and then look on freelance sites for people that can do a good job . That way, you simply become a project manager.








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