Swiss golden Business Opportunity-Become a millionaire investing in gold, how it works

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Swissgolden has just marked its 5th year anniversary and among the attendants are several Nigerians who have become millionaires through this program. They didn’t just travel on their own just to observe the ceremony. By virtue of their earning they merit it meaning their trip was company sponsored.


Now listen. If I’m telling you about swissgolden it’s because I’m convinced that it’s real, it’s an opportunity.  I know close friends who have been earning. I’ve attended the seminar twice, one at tantalizers , Ifako, Gbagada, another at Etiebet place Maryland. I saw swissssgolden  millionaires, I heard testimonies with real proofs. I’ll show you proofs right here.



Now what is swissgolden?

I know many of you have heard about swissgolden but probably don’t understand how it works, or afraid it may park up like MMM or just feel you can’t do it or it’s not real. Whatever your doubts, it’s time to clear it. And let me tell you if your fear is MMM, it didn’t park up people are still earning.

Swissgolden  is a registered company that deal in pure gold. They deal with bank of Swiss and where they store your gold. They are present in 120 countries of the world Nigeria inclusive. Their administrative office is found in Germany.  A company with such influence can’t be fake.  120 countires cant be wrong right? Just read on, scroll down and look at pictures. Swissgolden trade in investment gold bars. When you register you become a share holder, you’re entitled to gold. Your money is use to buy you gold which they store for you. In other words you order gold with your money. To save you the stress of selling the gold they give you cash equivalent. That is not to say that they can’t send your gold if you want it physical, they will. Swissgolden has a bonus marketing program.

What is swissgolden bonus marketing program?

It is a program that allows you to become an advertising partner and get huge reward for increasing their customer base. The company recognizes two types of clients:

  • Those that want to buy gold
  • Those that intend to buy gold and at the same time make huge profit from the business. The later is where you come in. That’s why you are in the program- to make profit. So as a registered member of awissgolden, you are not just a customer, you can become an advertising partner through the bonus marketing program. You do this by recruiting customers for them, and they reward you for introducing new partners because they more partners they have, the more gold orders they get.


There are four table you can register from:

  1. The prelim start table
  2. The prelim table
  3. The prelim VIP table
  4. The prelim VIP plus table

Each table is made up of 7 seats that must be filled up. Most people start from the no 2 table because you really don’t make any profit from table one. It’s a waste of time just there to accommodate low income earners. Your partners must register on the same table you started with otherwise it won’t count for you. It is easier to earn fast from table 3 and 4 but the disadvantage is that if you don’t belong to the middle or upper class you’ll find it difficult to get partners who will follow you on those table. So the most convenient table for most Nigerians is no 2.

 How it works

  • Register
  • Introduce two people who become your downline. (The person who introduced you is your upline and everyone has an upline because you must be introduced by someone, It’s a hierarchy)
  • Your two down lines each introduce two people.( You, your two, the two people introduced by each of your two downlines, that make seven.You move to the next table .



The picture below explains the table of order. Please, no matter how much I try, you may not be able to understand it fully here, But at least you have an idea. And before you register, you need to clear your doubts first. So I’ll encourage you to join the whatsapp group where you can ask questions from the leaders and have a full understaning. You will get videos to watch that will put you through. Once you join the whatsapp group, you can request videos.


In the table, John sponsors Frank and Anne.

Frank sponsors Bill and Eddie.

Anne sponsors Cario and Gabby.




  • Do not register with doubts, make sure you believe in what you are doing.
  • The key to success is team work, we work as a team. Your successs is your downlines success and your downlines success is your success. If your downlines aren’t coming up, you can’t move up. With team work everyone will earn.


Connect with me on whatsapp to join the team, get videos. 08034887072




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